Expert in the field of high voltage electrical

 Outdoor intelligent vacuum circuit breaker

Indoor Solid-sealed vacuum circuit breaker

Outdoor intelligent vacuum circuit breaker

outdoor vacuum circuit breaker

JN15-12 Series Indoor High voltage earthing switch

GN19-12 Series isolation switch

YH series composite jacket arrester

FN3 Series indoor load switch

XGN15-12 Metal sealing ring net switch equipment

FLN36-12kV Sulfur hexafluoride load switch

AB-3S-12kV Outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

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Expert in the field of high voltage electrical

Yukai Electric is a technology-based enterprise focusing on the development, production, sales and service of high-voltage electrical products. It is also a designated manufacturer of high-voltage switchgear in China, and a manufacturer recommended by the State Economic and Trade Commission for the construction and transformation of urban and rural power grids. Since the company's products were put on the market, it has established long-term and stable partnerships with a number of joint ventures and foreign-invested enterprises.

  • Have its own product development team

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    With advanced production equipment and production lines

  • Provide comprehensive solutions and customized services

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Our vision: to become a world-class high-voltage switch manufacturer and a world-class electrical industry service provider!
Corporate values: integrity management, harmonious development!
Our slogan: create a high-quality brand, cast a first-class image!