AB-3S-12kV Outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

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  name   unit Numerical value
1 Rated voltage   KV 12
2 Rated insulation level

1min power frequency withstand voltage

(Effective value)

KV 42

Lightning impulse withstand voltage

(peak value)

KV 75
3 Rated frequency   HZ 50
4 Rated current   A 630 1250
5 Rated short-circuit breaking current   KA 20
6 Rated short-circuit making current (peak value)   KA 50
7 Operation sequence  

Opening T1 (0.3s) - closing and opening

T2 (3S) - closing and opening T2 (3S) - closing and opening locking

8 Thermal stability current (4S)   KA 20
9 Dynamic stability current (peak)   KA 50
10 Rated short circuit current breaking times   Time 30
11 CT transformation ratio     30-1250/1(5)
12 Working power supply voltage   V -220(-110)
13 Creepage distance     ≥31
14 Mechanical times   Time 10000
15 weight   kg 90+40



Ab-3s-12 series circuit breaker is a new generation of intelligent vacuum circuit breaker on column developed by our company by integrating advanced technology at home and abroad, absorbing the advantages of many families, adopting new design concept, using high-tech means. The product can be used as the switch on the 10kV side and 10kV outgoing line of the main transformer of the 35kV substation, or as the column switch of the distribution network. Combined with various control units produced by the company, it can easily realize control, protection, measurement and communication. It is the preferred equipment to realize the automation and miniaturization of the distribution network.


Conditions of Use

a. Working environment temperature: no more than 40 ° C; The daily average temperature shall not exceed 35 ° C; The minimum ambient air temperature is - 25 ° C;
b. Relative air humidity: the daily average value shall not be greater than 95%, and the monthly average value shall not be greater than 90%; The daily average value of water vapor pressure shall not be greater than 2.2kpa; The monthly average value shall not be greater than 1.8kpa;
c. Altitude: no more than 2000m;
d. There is no obvious pollution around by dust, smoke, corrosive and / or combustible gas, vapor or smoke;
e. Vibration or ground motion from the outside of switching equipment and control equipment can be ignored;
f. The amplitude of induced electromagnetic interference in the secondary system shall not exceed 1.6kv


The main function

a. Protection: whether there is a time limit current quick-break, timing overcurrent, inverse time limit overcurrent, directional overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage protection;
b. Control: It can be operated locally and remotely, or it can be operated in accordance with a pre-set plan
c. Automation: It can automatically realize line fault location, fault isolation, power supply restoration, parameter analysis, etc.
d. It can automatically realize low-frequency load shedding, automatic capacitor switching, etc. according to requirements, and report fault information in time through GPRS or dedicated communication network
e. Communication: support TCP/IP protocol, support GPRS, provide CAN, RS232/485 communication ports, and support multiple communication protocols (DNP3.0JEC101, etc.)
f. It can record and store parameters such as operation, operation and failure, and the protection fixed value parameter setting can be programmed on-site and remotely;
g. The mechanical parameters of the device and the operation status of the arc extinguishing chamber can be monitored online;
h. Synchronous closing of the circuit breaker can be realized, effectively suppressing operating overvoltage and inrush current, especially suitable for the operation of capacitors


Shape and installation dimensions