DFW series cable distribution box

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serial number name  parameter
1 Rated voltage 12kV
2 Rated current 630A
3 Power frequency withstand voltage (phase to ground) 42kV/min
4 Lightning impulse voltage 75kV
5 Rated breaking current 630A
6 Rated short-circuit breaking current (peak value) 50kA
7 Rated short-time withstand current 25kA/4S
8 Rated peak withstand current 50kA
9 Rated breaking capacitor current 45A
10 Rated breaking inductor current 16A
11 Full load breaking times >100
12 Number of opening and closing mechanical operations 2000


The main purpose The main function

Widely used in urban power grid transformation, residential quarters,

commercial centers and other densely populated areas.

     1.Using prefabricated live touchable silicone rubber cable head, fully sealed,

fully insulated, maintenance-free, and reliable to ensure personal safety

    2.The structure is compact, the appearance is small and beautiful, and the

stainless steel double-layer box has a service life of more than 20 years;

3.Under the premise of not affecting the operation of the main network, realize

regional power outage maintenance and reduce the scope of power outages;

      4.Can be equipped with one or more SF6 load switches. The wiring methods are

flexible and diverse, and the branch outgoing line can reach up to 8 circuits;

    5.Optional lightning arrester, short-circuit fault indicator, current-limiting fuse,

etc., to meet various requirements of users.