DFW10-12 Outdoor high voltage cable distribution box

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DFW10-12 outdoor high-voltage cable branch box (hereinafter referred to as cable branch box) is a high-voltage electrical equipment with a rated voltage of 12kV, including ordinary cable branch box and SF6 ring network load switch type cable branch box.
The cable distribution box is suitable for the power system with a three-phase AC frequency of 50Hz and a rated voltage of 12kV. It is mainly used for the cable tap in the cable transmission and distribution network. It is an independent user's outdoor high-voltage electrical equipment for connecting and distributing electric energy. This series of products have been widely used in the power distribution network of urban industrial districts, commercial centers, airports, petroleum, chemical and other large enterprises and other occasions, which can greatly save the investment of electrical equipment and cables and improve the reliability of power supply.


GB3804 -90 3~63KV AC high voltage load switch
GB11033-89 Basic technical requirements for power cable accessories with rated voltage of 26/35kV and below
GB311.1-97 Insulation coordination of high-voltage power transmission and transformation equipment
GB11132-2000 AC gapless metal zinc oxide arrester
GB4208-93 enclosure protection grade


1. The insulation level is high, the on-off ability is strong, and the cable joints can be touched when charged, which is safe and reliable.
2. It can realize multi-channel power transmission, and can install zinc oxide arrester, fault indicator and live display device.
3. The shell can be made of stainless steel plate, which is not rusted, anti-condensation, anti-submersion, anti-pollution, maintenance-free, safe and reliable.
4. Small size, small footprint, simple and convenient wiring, convenient and changeable in and out lines.

Use environment

a. The altitude does not exceed 2000m;
b. Ambient temperature: -40℃ ~ +45℃
c. Relative humidity: daily average ≤95%, monthly average ≤90%
d. Earthquake list: ≤8 degrees;
e. Wind speed: ≤35m/s;
f. There is no frequent vibration, no flammable gas and no explosion hazard.