FLN36-12kV Sulfur hexafluoride load switch

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FL N 3 6 1 2 type sulfur hexafluoride load switch is the latest international technology introduced by our company, and according to the relevant standards of China's power system The medium-voltage switchgear developed and developed, its performance indicators fully comply with IEC and national standards, are high-voltage switchgear, ring network cabinet, box-type transformer Power station, the most ideal main component for distribution switch.

F LN 36-12 type sulfur hexafluoride load switch is a multi-function medium voltage switch device integrating load switch, grounding switch and isolation switch. Prepared, in a fully sealed, reinforced epoxy resin housing, filled with 0.045 MPa SF6 gas, with a minimum of components to achieve The above three functions ensure the quality and reliability of the product, have excellent insulation and breaking capacity, and ensure equipment safety under normal conditions.

Full operation for 20 years


Use environmental conditions

a. The altitude does not exceed 1000m;
b. Ambient air temperature: upper limit +401, lower limit 25T;
c. Relative humidity: the daily average value is not more than 95%, and the monthly average value is not more than 90%;
d. The surrounding air is not significantly polluted by corrosive gas, combustible gas, water vapor, etc.
e. No frequent severe vibration


Structural features

I) Easy to install
F L N36 12 type S F6 load switch and combined electrical appliances are made into a unique unit type (the upper part of the cabinet), and the stacking installation is adopted, which greatly reduces the difficulty of making the cabinet. Available with
Set of complete drawings of the cabinet body.
2). Three-position switch with three positions of closing, opening and grounding.
3) There is an observation window on the end surface to observe the status of the main contact and the ground contact.
4) .Direct-acting compressed-air arc extinguishing method.
5) The sealed shell is filled with SF6 gas, which is used as insulation and arc extinguishing medium.
6) The switch has a gas filling nozzle, a safety relief valve, and an optional SF6 gas pressure gauge.
7) Manual and electric operation can be selected.
8) Resistance to severe environment, passing the condensation and pollution type test.
9) Shunt coil or overcurrent release can be installed (optional at the same time).
10) Optional auxiliary and close, 1 open and 1 closed one 4 open and 4 closed.
 II )  Optional interlocking between cabinets is optional.
12) Optional pluggable live display device on the operation panel 3
13} Comply with GB3804 and GB16926 national standards.


Operating mechanism

1. The switch of the switch is realized by the operating mechanism. The spring of the mechanism is pre-charged. During operation (manual or electric), the mechanism releases energy through the spring after the dead point to drive the switch.
Action to make the contacts close or open. Therefore, the switching speed of the switch is determined by the characteristics of the operating machine itself, and has nothing to do with the operating speed of the operator.
2. K-type operating mechanism or A-type operating mechanism can be selected according to whether it has a fuse or not


Product model and meaning

Shape and installation dimensions