FN12-12RD Series indoor load switch

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serial number project unit FKN12-12/630 FNR12-12/630
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Recharge frequency Hz 50
3 Rated current A 630 100
4 Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV 75' isolation fracture between ground and phase 85
5 1min power frequency withstand voltage kV To the ground and between phases 42, Isolation fracture 48
6 Rated thermal stability current kA  
7 Rated dynamic stability current kA 50  
8 Ege close current (female) kA 50  
9 Rated short-circuit breaking current (expected value) kA   31.5
10 Rated transfer current kA   1.5
11 Breaking no-load transformer capacity kVA 1250
12 Rated cable charging current A 10
13 13 Rated active load current breaking times times 10000
14 The opening time of the load switch triggered by the striker s   <0.06
15 Grounding switch thermal stability current kA 20(2s)  
16 Earthing switch dynamic stable current (peak value) kA 50  
17 Operating mechanism power supply voltage   AC and DC 100, 200 AC-DC 100, 200



FN12-12RD indoor high-voltage load switch is a three-phase high-voltage switchgear with a rated voltage of 12kV and a rated frequency of 50Hz. It is used for switching load currents, closed loop currents, and no-load transformers.
And cable charging current. Close the short-circuit current, the load switch equipped with the grounding switch can withstand the short-circuit current. It is mainly used in the urban power distribution station and industrial power equipment of the three-phase ring network terminal for load control and short-circuit protection.


The main function

Load switch, grounding switch, fuse and mechanism are in one frame, which can be flexibly combined, compact structure, small size, convenient and simple installation;
With a static contact insulation cover, the ring network cabinet is structurally isolated, eliminating the need for phase insulation partitions and fracture insulation inserts, which can prevent arc short-circuit accidents in the cabinet; after the load switch is opened, the valve automatically breaks Isolation, good protection performance;
There is a reliable mechanical locking device between the load switch and the grounding switch and the fuse to meet the "five prevention" requirements;
There are two forms of manual operation and electric operation with AC and DC power supply, which is convenient to realize the "three remote" requirements of the power system.


Product model and meaning