FN3 Series indoor load switch

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model Rated voltage (kV) Rated current (A)

Rated short-time withstand current


Rated peak withstand current


FN3-12 12 400 10/2 25  
model Rated voltage (kV) Rated current (A)

Maximum breaking current

(effective value kA)

Maximum breaking capacity


The maximum peak value of the current

when the limit short circuit is cut off (kA)

FN3-3 3 10-50 40 200 24.5
75-100 24.5
200 35
FN3-6 6 10-50 20 200 14
75 14
100 19
200 25
FN3-10 12 10- 50 12 200 8.6
75 8.6
100-500 15.5



The load of FN3 12, FN3 12R, FN3 12R/S is related to the high-voltage electrical appliances installed indoors. It is suitable for AC 50Hz, 6kV or 12kV network. It can be used for breaking and closing load and overload current. It can also be used as a switch for breaking and closing no-load long lines, no-load transformers and capacitors. Load switch with RN3 type fuse type (FN3 12, FN3 12R/S) cut off the short circuit for protection and shutdown.
The load switch can be equipped with CS3 type and CS2 type manual operating mechanism for operation


Use environment and conditions

a. The altitude does not exceed 1000m,
b. Ambient air temperature: upper limit +40°C, lower limit -25°C (not lower than -5°C for electric mechanism);
c. Relative humidity: daily average value is not more than 95%, monthly average value is not more than 90% (+25℃);
e. The surrounding air should not be significantly polluted by corrosive or flammable gas, water vapor, etc.;
f. No frequent severe vibration


Shape and installation dimensions

Product model and meaning