GW5 Series isolation switch

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name unit parameter
Rated voltage kV 40.5 72.5 126
Rated insulation level 1min power frequency withstand voltage To the ground kV 95 140 230
Fracture kV 115 160 245
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage To the ground kV 185 325 550
Fracture kV 215 375 630
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated current A 630 1250 1600 2000
Rated short-time withstand current kA 20  31.5  40  40
Rated peak withstand current kA 50  80  100  100
Rated short-circuit duration main knife/ground knife S 4   2
Rated terminal mechanical load Horizontal longitudinal load   N 750 1000
Horizontal lateral load   N 500 750
Vertical force   N 750 1000
Creepage distance mm 1013  1256 1813  2248 3150  3906
Mechanical life times 2000
Human operating mechanism model     CS17 CS17G
Control circuit voltage   V AC220,DC110,DC220
Motor operating mechanism model     CJ6
Motor voltage   V AC380
Control circuit voltage   V AC220,AC380,DC220
Opening and closing time   S 6±1
product weight Not grounded   kg 360 500 800
Single ground   kg 390 560 900
Double ground   kg 430 620 1000



This product is a double-column horizontal fracture opening in the middle, and it can be equipped with a grounding switch on one or both sides. The isolating switch of 90° transmission adopts the CS17 type manual operation mechanism for three-pole linkage operation; the isolation switch of 180° transmission adopts the CJ6 type electric motor operating mechanism or the CS17G type manual operation mechanism for three-pole linkage operation; the grounding switch adopts the CS17G type manual operation Three-pole linkage operation of the moving mechanism.
▲ The isolating switch is a double-post V-shaped horizontal opening type. Each single stage is composed of a base, a post insulator, an outlet seat and a contact. It consists of two supports and two post insulators at an angle of 50°. The ground is installed on the bearings at both ends of the base and is perpendicular to the base. The main conductive parts are respectively installed above the insulating porcelain bottles of the two pillars, and rotate about 90e with the insulating porcelain bottles of the pillars.

▲ The contact fingers of the middle contact part are assembled in pairs, using self-reliant contact fingers, whose form is a turn-in type, to reduce the wear between the contacts and the contact fingers during opening and closing, and to improve the service life
▲When the isolating switch is equipped with a grounding switch, the fan-shaped plate and arc-shaped plate on the base for the interlocking of the main conductive circuit and the grounding circuit are used to ensure that when the main conductive circuit is closed, the grounding circuit cannot be closed, and the grounding switch is closed. When, the main conductive circuit cannot be closed.

The main function

▲ The isolation and shut-off adopts a double-column open and contact turning-in structure, which has the ability to automatically clean the contacts and improve the contact reliability;
▲ The contact fingers are made of new materials with high strength, high conductivity and high elasticity. Relying on the elastic force of the contact finger itself to clamp the contact, avoiding the current spring corrosion and heat annealing caused
The resulting vicious circle of reduced contact clamping force, increased contact resistance, and increased contact heat;
▲The rotating part of the isolating switch is designed according to the requirement of maintenance-free. The rotating seat is designed as a sealed structure, and water vapor, dust, and harmful gases cannot enter, so that the bearing and the molybdenum disulfide lithium-based lithium-based grease will always work in a good environment, the bearing will never be induced, the grease will not be lost, and will never dry up. , So that the operating torque of the isolating switch will not increase after long-term operation. The stainless steel shaft pin and the oil-free self-lubricating bearing are used to match the structure; the steel parts are hot-dip galvanized to ensure that the isolation switch is flexible, portable, reliable and never rusty.

Appearance and Dimensions