XGN15-12 Metal sealing ring net switch equipment

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project unit Numerical value
Rated voltage   kV 12
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage Alternate and ground kV 75
fracture kV 85
Rated power frequency withstand voltage (min) Alternate and ground kV 42
fracture kV 48
Rated frequency   Hz 50.60
Rated current main bus A 630
branch bus A 630
Rated short-time withstand current main circuit kA 20/3s
ground loop   20/2s
Rated peak withstand current   kA 50
divert current   A 1700
Protection class     IP2X
Mechanical life of load switch   5000
Earthing switch mechanical life   2000
Load switch cabinet Cabinet width mm 375,500,750
Cabinet depth mm 1000
Cabinet height mm 143,516,351,885



XGN15-12 series unit type sulfur hexafluoride ring main unit is based on sulfur hexafluoride load switch as the main switch and the whole cabinet is air-insulated, suitable for distribution automation, that is, tight
The compact and expandable metal-enclosed switchgear has the characteristics of simple structure, flexible operation, reliable interlocking, and convenient installation. It can provide satisfactory technical solutions for various applications and different user requirements. The adoption of sensing technology and the latest protection relays, combined with advanced technical performance and lightweight and flexible assembly solutions, can fully meet the changing requirements of the market.
The main switch of XGN15 12 type unit type sulfur hexafluoride ring main unit adopts the company's FLN56 12D type or ABB's SFG type SF6 load switch; it can also be equipped with Ukraine's highest level of contemporary international technology according to user needs. BP series permanent magnet mechanical vacuum circuit breaker ABB HD4 SF6 circuit breaker or VS1 -12 vacuum circuit breaker produced by our company. The operation mode of the main switch in the ring main unit is manual and electric. Combined with FTU and RTUS, it can meet the "four remote" requirements.


Use environment and conditions

  1. Altitude name≤2500m;
    2. Ambient temperature: -35℃-45℃, maximum temperature difference ≤25V;
    3. The average daily relative humidity should not exceed 95%, and the monthly average relative humidity should not exceed 90%.
    4. Earthquake resistance: the seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degrees;
    5. There is no violent vibration and shock and places with fire, chemical corrosion and explosion hazards.

The main purpose

XGN15-12 unit type sulfur hexafluoride ring network cabinet is suitable for AC 50Hz, 12kV power system, widely used in industrial and civil cable ring network and power supply terminal projects.
It is especially suitable for the following places: power distribution in urban residential areas, small secondary substations, opening and closing offices, industrial and mining enterprises, shopping malls, airports, subways, wind power generation, hospitals, stadiums, railways, tunnels, etc.


Product model and meaning