YH series composite jacket arrester

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YH series composite jacket arrester is the basis for the insulation coordination of various electrical equipment (such as transformers, reactors, capacitors, generators, motors, PT, CT, circuit breakers, contactors, etc.) in the power system. The protection performance of the arrester determines the power system. Internal and external insulation indicators of all electrical equipment (short-term power frequency withstand voltage, lightning impulse withstand voltage and operating impulse withstand voltage, etc.).
      Metal oxide arrester, commonly known as "oxide arrester", is a new generation of arrester popularized internationally by the United States, Japan and other countries in the 1980s, and is the most advanced product among conventional arresters. Since my country fully introduced this technology in the mid-1980s, through years of practice and digestion, the performance of AC arresters of various professional arrester factories is currently comparable to the most advanced products in the United States, Japan, Western Europe and other countries, and truly meets all the requirements of the national standard. The products can also meet the requirements of international EC standards.
    The core working element of this product is fired with multi-component metal oxide powder mainly composed of zinc oxide. It has excellent nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics, fast response to steep waves and large current capacity. Products with gaps use self-blowing gaps and a pressure-equalizing irradiation structure, which reduces the dispersion of discharge and has a small impact coefficient. Compared with traditional inorganic materials such as ceramics and glass, polymer organic composite materials have the advantages of small size, light weight, pollution resistance, no cleaning, explosion-proof and anti-vibration. Preferred Lightning Protection Components


Use environment and conditions

a. Ambient temperature: not higher than + 40 ℃, not lower than - 40 ℃; 
b. Altitude: no more than 3000m;
C. Power frequency: 50 ± 2Hz; 60 ± 2Hz 
D. maximum wind speed: 35m / s 
E. cleaning free conditions: areas with medium pollution and below; 
f. For products without gap, the power frequency voltage applied for a long time shall not exceed the continuous operation voltage of lightning arrester; 
g. For products with gaps, the short-time power frequency voltage rise at the installation point shall not exceed the rated voltage of the arrester. 


Use and implementation standards

This product is used in AC 220kV and below power generation, transmission, substation, and distribution systems. It is used to limit the amplitude of lightning and internal operating overvoltage to the specified level. It is the basic equipment for the insulation coordination of the entire system. At the same time, this product cannot be used to limit resonance overvoltage, and other methods are required for system resonance elimination.
The model of this product is compiled in accordance with the provisions of JB/T 8459 2006 "Method for Compiling Models of Arrester Products". For products without gaps, the implementation of GB 11032 2000 "AC gapless metal
Oxide arresters" standard; products with gaps implement the JBAT 9672 2005 "metal oxide arresters with series gaps" standard. Important parameters not clearly defined in the above standards
The number and configuration method are revised and implemented according to the requirements of DL/T 620-1997 "Overvoltage Protection and Insulation Coordination of AC Electrical Installations".


Model and meaning