ZN63(VS1)-12kV Side-mounted indoor vacuum circuit breaker

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1 Rated voltage   kV 12
2 Maximum working voltage   A 12
3 Rated current   A 630/1250

Rated short-circuit

making current

  kA 20/25/31.5

Rated short-circuit

making current

  kA 50/63/80
6 6 Rated peak withstand current   kA 50/63/80

4S rated short-circuit

withstand current

  kA 20/25/31.5
8 Rated insulation level

Power frequency withstand voltage

(before and after

rated breaking)




Sprint withstand voltage

(before and after rated breaking)



9 Rated operating sequence    

0.3S combined opening

180S combined opening

10 Mechanical life   times 10000

Rated short-circuit

breaking current breaking times

  times 50

Operating mechanism

rated closing voltage (DC)

  V 110,220
13 Rated opening voltage of operating mechanism (DC)   V 110,200
14 Contact opening distance   mm 11 ±1
15 Overtravel (compressed length of contact spring)   mm 3.5±0.5

Three-phase opening

and closing bounce time

  ms ≤2
17 Bounce time of contact closing   ms ≤2
18 Average opening speed   m/s 1.1 ± 0.2
19 Average closing speed   m/s 0.6 ±0.2
20 Opening time Under the highest operating voltage s ≤0.05
21 Under the highest operating voltage s ≤0.05
22 Closing time   s 0.1

Moving and static contacts

allow wear and

accumulative thickness

  mm 3



VSl 12 side-mounted vacuum circuit breaker is an indoor high-voltage switchgear, suitable for a three-phase power system with a rated voltage of 12 kV and a frequency of 50 Hz, as a protection and control appliance
Use, due to the special advantages of vacuum circuit breakers, it is especially suitable for places that require frequent operation under rated current or multiple interruption of short-circuit current.

The VS1 12 side-mounted vacuum circuit breaker adopts fixed installation and is mainly used in fixed switch cabinets. The interrupter can be used alone, but also can be used for ring network power supply, box-type transformers or various non-standard power supply systems.


Shape and installation dimensions